Hymn To The Flowers (Part 2)



          Mahi, how can we forget her                She had put the whole village together      Her smiled radiated such brightness            It eradicated her only weakness

However she yearned for someone to hear her inner voice if not anything;

The songs which only she could hear herself singing

And God did grant her that wish

When by the well, she sees a boy with blue eyes staring at her ardently

She finds herself blushing red and runs away suddenly

The boy thinks of her all day and night

And Mahi? She dreams of speaking to him but is restrained by her plight

Days go by but both seem to be shy

And then comes the time when walking in the corn fields, lost in thought

She looks up and saw that the boy sought

All the deep stories and hymns within her

His eyes gazing into hers

They communicated through the purest way

Which was through the heart and not words… this stays

Time did freeze away

Two hearts were linked this way..

Two flowers danced in harmony under the sunlight

Only talking through the soul’s sight


                                            –Niharika Suri 

Hymn To the Flowers (Part1)

She was like the sepal

From start to end protecting her people

Protecting each “flower”

On her their blessings did shower

But a word she could not murmur

With a lot of effort only her lips could shiver  

God did not give her a voice

Nevertheless it was her choice

To make her life or break it

She did her bit

The village was a cheerful place with her,

Here and there walking with a jump in her steps

She believed she was no less

Because she had a heart so pure

All the miseries in her hometown she did cure

This is the story of Mahi who had shown

that her disability did not strip her of the ability of being human

                                         –Niharika Suri

The Versatile Blogger Award 

I had started this blog around 5 months ago because it provides a platform for me to express what I think about my surroundings and my own thoughts. I was pleasantly surprised to know that i had been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Nick’sNotions

His blog is truly inspiring as in his opinion, blogging is not always about popularity and fame.It’s about us. Its not about people reading your material or not. Its about learning,reading,writing,reframing,improving. 

I thank him for this nomination as this motivates me to go ahead in this journey of self reflection and expression.


-You have to thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog! (Being kind)

-Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination (passing the love, that was given)

-Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice (At least)

-Share 7 facts about yourself (being truthful)

7 Facts About Me:

  1. I am a person who aspires to become a psychologist one day.
  2. I have a developed an interest  in photography and would like to pursue it with greater depth. 
  3. I LOVE FOOD. It gives me instant happiness.
  4.  I am a good listener and a confidante.My friends tend to take advice from me on various situations.
  5. My favourite colour is sea green
  6. I love summers because i get to eat mangoes and dont have to wear too many layers of clothes.
  7. Lastly i love reading and writing. It’s like a stressbuster for me;a way to express my feelings and thoughts.

I Nominate:

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  3. TheHonestFabler 
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As a child, he used to look up at those majestic big cotton clouds
The only dilemma then was how to get to them

Days went by
In learning how to fly
Books were by his side
Day and night
Slowly time was passing
And he was growing

One day he mustered courage and his feet left the ground
Elevated was his plane and also his feelings
He felt like he had wings
Exhilarated, he looked down
He thought, “What if I fell so many metres?
What if my plane starts to quiver
If the engine had to fail
How in the skies will I sail?
If the fuel finishes
Ending is…
But what about the dream
Why now should I focus on the turbulence of the clouds and not the magnificence?
Why is when we grow up
All the worries do hold up
As children, the aim is clear and visible
It’s achievable
Why not now when it’s just in front of us
I have to seize my confidence, it’s a must”

That’s when he realised how much he worries about what might happen next
Instead of enjoying the peaceful effects
Of the beautiful mechanical bird he could now control
Left, Right, up and roll
His worries were over
His goal was closer
He cut the string which attached him to the ground
And flew away like a child with his favourite balloon.
             –Niharika Suri

Picture drawn by me with the help of PicsArt

Chaotic Mind


Her mind was in a chaos,
Self doubt had clouded her vision
Silence was what she could hear
Anxiety was what she could taste
Uncertainty was what she felt
It was a bright and beautiful day,
Full of cheers and laughter
Somehow it was not what she felt inside;
But she knew this all had to be kept aside
Because she had learnt how the days are dark sometimes
Even though the sun is bright outside
Being sad when she could have the world was wrong
She wanted to be strong
She yearned to be her ten year old self
When she trusted even Snow White and her elves
It was so simple back then
Why couldn’t it be like that now
It was enough, the chaos had to be solved
That night, looking at herself in the mirror-  she resolved
It’s now or never
Next morning, the sun held a different meaning for her
And she blossomed like a bud opening
Into a whole new beginning.

                          –Niharika Suri

Shot taken: while out on a walk.

Life Finds a Way


Surrounded by struggles and difficulties
We grasp the presence of any opportunities
Such beings are we that any source of light in the darkness attracts us
If our soul was in a dark tunnel we let it drag through to the exit where it meets the sun and the paradise.
If bad are some memories, we bottle them in a jar closed and wash it away in the sea of tears
Every sunset is beautiful to us not because it’s an ending but it gives us hope for another sunrise.
They say hope causes eternal misery
I do not believe in its accuracy
Because to me, hope is what we live on
It gives us a path to lead on.
We do sometimes surrender to the darkness amongst us, only to realize how bright the light in us is
If our life was a maze, it’s our struggle. Its upto us which bush we cut through and make the path to our victory.
Because in the end
Life does find a way
                         -Niharika Suri

Shot taken: at my friend’s balcony.

The Forgotten


//This shot was taken by me when I was passing by an old street in agra//

Are our hearts made of stone that we think they are like objects that can be disposed off when not needed?
Aren’t they the one’s who gave us the right to live in this world?

From rearing us to caring about us
They have done it all.
Giving us anything we wanted;
Protected us from the things under our bed which were supposedly haunted.
Constant support and inspiration,
Making us understand each new revelation.

For all of their care and love,
What have we given in return?

Moments full of tantrum and cribs
Complaints about how the top gifted  by them shows our ribs?
Or screaming at them for not understanding what’s going in our lives.
Even though they are so experienced that they can catch our lies.

We have forgotten to love the ones who love us the most.
When we grow up and succeed in life, to get our desired post;
No one to hold their hands and take care of them then.
No one to answer their calls when they cry out in their empty den.

The lonely heroes.. the forgotten.
                              -Niharika Suri