All around me i do see All types of god they please From a book to a sculpture From a tree to a stone They do find a holy spirit Hidden in it I do too. When faced with a conflict I speak to my confidante... Continue Reading →


A Dream So Rare

Its spring again The nightmares of yesterday fly away Why, you ask? Because he was there  To look at your childlike face To breathe sweet nothings into your ear To hold you in his warm embrace A  willing captive to his soul You twitched under the blankets because the devil tried to reach you He... Continue Reading →

Gamble for peace 

It was a dark alley indeed Oh what a pity How the smoke of their pipes Clouded their heart How they searched like thieves in their own pockets For some piece of their broken soul It was a leap for her to enter this smogged street For she belonged to the sun and the flowers;... Continue Reading →

Reality or Illusion 

She was on her way to a new startBut exhausted was her heartIt was filled with all the apprehension, Will others accept her- the only tension Amidst the crowd will she stand out Or will no one even hear her shout Meeting the strangers with whom she had to bond Will she be considered just... Continue Reading →

Hymn To The Flowers Part 3

Mahi, she is happy now For the first time she has her own little flower to whom she sings her hymns Though they say love is complex She knows that simplicity never really leaves her perplexed It is the struggle which in the end is beautiful Ups and down are an integral part of the... Continue Reading →

Hymn To The Flowers (Part 2)

                   Mahi, how can we forget her               She had put the whole village together       Her smiled radiated such brightness             It eradicated her only weakness  However she yearned for someone to hear her inner voice... Continue Reading →

Hymn To the Flowers (Part1)

She was like the sepal From start to end protecting her people Protecting each “flower” On her their blessings did shower But a word she could not murmur With a lot of effort only her lips could shiver   God did not give her a voice Nevertheless it was her choice To make her life... Continue Reading →

The Versatile Blogger Award 

I had started this blog around 5 months ago because it provides a platform for me to express what I think about my surroundings and my own thoughts. I was pleasantly surprised to know that i had been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Nick'sNotions His blog is truly inspiring as is his opinion,... Continue Reading →

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