All around me i do see

All types of god they please

From a book to a sculpture

From a tree to a stone

They do find a holy spirit

Hidden in it

I do too.

When faced with a conflict

I speak to my confidante for what i ought to do

When burdened with negative thoughts,

I cry

But always find a protective hand on mine

When all else fails

I rely on the mystical force beside me all the time

Reverberates joy;

Gives me strength

Like a child and its toy

Some call it god

Some, energy

I call it

My soul

Not that god is what i am

But that god is inside me

No matter where i go

What i do

It’s a part of me

I don’t have to look elsewhere

But within to see that I’m not alone anywhere

Yet i believe that those who think that god is to be searched for

Are busy finding their purpose, themselves

You can mould him into any shape

An abode for him you can make

In the end though

You should know

That he is within and there to stay

                                              -Niharika Suri 


A Dream So Rare

Its spring again
The nightmares of yesterday fly away
Why, you ask?
Because he was there 
To look at your childlike face
To breathe sweet nothings into your ear
To hold you in his warm embrace
A  willing captive to his soul
You twitched under the blankets because the devil tried to reach you
He triumphed over the demon for you
Let him be your dreamcatcher 
Let him catch your heart..
To hum a lullaby which strikes the strings of love 
Yes, this time it will not be a nightmare 
But a sweet dream, so rare…
                                         –Niharika Suri 

Gamble for peace 

It was a dark alley indeed
Oh what a pity
How the smoke of their pipes
Clouded their heart
How they searched like thieves in their own pockets
For some piece of their broken soul
It was a leap for her to enter this smogged street
For she belonged to the sun and the flowers;
Not the evil superpowers
She found them strange
And others, her.
How could she not give in to the temptations and lust
Wearing that mask, the dress code was a must..
Comebacks, ah the irony that they called it savageness
It really did make it a wilderness
The disturbing silence of apathy filled the air
Yet, everyone blabbering about their own share
And slowly they did eat away the sparkle in her
Left behind not even a human, a blur..
In this dark alley, she entered
Forced into the trap of gambling;
each day betting her soul to win some shred of hope.
And every passing day she lost it
The sun the moon and the dark alley did ever so slightly meet.
                                              -Niharika Suri 

​”The Vision Of Change” 🌻

I had a vision today

I saw a world full of people smiling like its their last day

I had a dream today

I saw people despite the struggles,seeing the good anyway

I heard a song today

It hummed about harmony and friendships so many

I felt a hand today

Rising to me, to heal me

I swam today

In a sea full of emotions which people hid away; now just lay bare on the bay

I walked today

On the path glowing with light that travels all the way from heaven’s gateway

I had a thought today

To focus on the rights  and not the wrongs, why let the heart decay 

I had a bright today

A new world was born today

I had a vision today… 

~Niharika Suri 

Reality or Illusion 

She was on her way to a new start
But exhausted was her heart
It was filled with all the apprehension,

Will others accept her- the only tension

Amidst the crowd will she stand out

Or will no one even hear her shout

Meeting the strangers with whom she had to bond

Will she be considered just like moss in a pond

It was then that she saw outside the window

Rejuvenating rain replaced the hot sun’s glow

Tiny sparkling raindrops found their abode on the glass

They had put the turmoil inside her at peace, at last

The calming effect was tremendous

She forgot all those thoughts which were senseless

Now disappeared all the inhibition

A fresh start was now the only mission

Like the raindrops, in all shapes and sizes,

Distort the reality outside to 

make it beautiful; So musical

We humans in the same way differ to create a colourful mosaic, each showcasing its own art

So why do we need others to accept

When in different things we are adept

She pondered if “living” in an illusion is sometimes better than “existing” in the reality

                                             –Niharika Suri

Hymn To The Flowers Part 3

Mahi, she is happy now

For the first time she has her own little flower to whom she sings her hymns

Though they say love is complex

She knows that simplicity never really leaves her perplexed

It is the struggle which in the end is beautiful

Ups and down are an integral part of the roller coaster ride called life

But atleast she has a hand to hold when she feels like screaming

Either elated or scared

And in the near future

She’s going to have a family, to nurture

Love and take care of

People whom she will live for

A purpose, that’s all it takes to make this journey seem bright

To achieve that with all our might

Should be our dream


And her little bouquet of light

Near the heart, hold it tight

All you need to do is fight

The demons and the evil residing inside you

Should be a cue

For you to stand up and go to war with them

Cause after all You Only Live Once

Live every moment, everyone ounce

Everyone deserves the happiness

They just forget to remember this

Mahi will remind you.

                                       –Niharika Suri

Hymn To The Flowers (Part 2)


          Mahi, how can we forget her               She had put the whole village together       Her smiled radiated such brightness             It eradicated her only weakness

 However she yearned for someone to hear her inner voice if not anything;

The songs which only she could hear herself singing

And God did grant her that wish

When by the well, she sees a boy with blue eyes staring at her ardently

She finds herself blushing red and runs away suddenly

The boy thinks of her all day and night

And Mahi? She dreams of speaking to him but is restrained by her plight

Days go by but both seem to be shy

And then comes the time when walking in the corn fields, lost in thought

She looks up and saw that the boy sought

All the deep stories and hymns within her

His eyes gazing into hers

They communicated through the purest way

Which was through the heart and not words… this stays

Time did freeze away

Two hearts were linked this way..

Two flowers danced in harmony under the sunlight

Only talking through the soul’s sight


                                            –Niharika Suri